How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own Home

under good conditions will produce strongly fragrant flowers and fruits even when grown indoors. Buying large plants can be very expensive, but with patience, you can have the fun of growing your own plants from seed.

Today, I am going to talk about growing a lemon tree from seeds that you can grow in your home. Lemons are so useful for so many different things that they kind of exist in another universe on their own. Whether you’re adding them to water or making use of their peels, the convenience of growing your own lemons is not something that should be ignored.

The first thing is that it is very important to buy an organic lemon to get your seeds from. The non-organic lemons usually contain non-germinating seeds.

Remove the seeds from ripe to overripe lemon, rinse them off and plant them immediately in in small flowerpots filled with moistened, quality potting soil. Plant the seeds about 1/2-inch below the soil surface.

Place the containers in a tray, and add water to the tray whenever the soil dries. To speed germination, slip a plastic bag over the tray to create a humid environment for the seeds.

Group the seed containers with your other houseplants and water them at the same time, even if nothing seems to be happening. Seeds should germinate in two to three weeks inside the plastic bag. If the bag is omitted, germination may take five to six weeks.

Remove the tray from the plastic bag, if used, when germination occurs, and place containers in a sunny window.

Transplant seedlings to larger pots as soon as their first containers are filled with roots. Give citrus plants as much sunlight as you can indoors, and place them outdoors in warm weather.

Given the right conditions, including ample sunlight and water, large enough containers and fertilizer, indoor plants can reach 10 feet in height.



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